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Signature Font / Custom Font Service

Morovia Font Department provides high-quality font solutions for your unique requirements, especially in the following three areas:

Convert signature or logo into a font

Wish you could sign your document within the word processor such as Microsoft Word? Want to add the signature into QuickBooks invoice form? Want your company’s logo appear in QuickBooks invoice form? It is easy after your convert your signature or logo into a font. And our costs is low – just US$69.99 for a signature or logo! (complex logos are extra charge depending on the amount of work). Free conversion to PostScript and PCL font formats.

A sample signature font can be downloaded here [zip file, 37.7K bytes].

sample signature

Font Conversion Service

We provide font conversion from one type to another. The font formats we support are PostScript type 1, True type and HP PCL font. The price between Postscript and True type font are US$49.99 per font, and US$99.99 from True type or Postscript fonts to PCL font.

Custom Barcode Font

If your application adopts a proprietary barcode format or you wish to have our barcode font customized, we provides font customization service. The price varies depending on the character set, the complexity of each character and the symbology. Email for a free quotation.

How to Order

The regular turn around period for signature and logo font service is two to five business days. For best results please have the signature/logo printed in a paper and mail to us, or you may scan the image with a scanner (300dpi or better) and e-mail the image to us.

To order the service, click here. After you complete the transaction, e-mail the signature images / logos to with your order number. We'll expect to acknowledge the order within 2 hours (9AM ~ 5PM EST) and deliver the result within one or two business days. Image format requirements - vector graphics, such as EPS, are the best, but we also accept raster formats such as TIFF and JPEG as long as they have enough resolution.