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2D PDF417 Barcode reading SDK

Postby sakaz on Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:45 pm

Hello Forum,

This is my first post in this great forum has i have read some very great information.

I am currently planning to develop Visitor management system using our ID cards having 2D PDF417 barcodes and have Non-English Characters. I am doing programming VB6. I have download evlaution SDK from ClearImage and i can decode PDF417 successfully Non-English Characters as well. But it only decodes from scanned Images at 600 dpi. I am little bit confuse. Because i only want to decode these Barcodes so dont know :

1 ) if i will buy 2D barcode reader / scanner then what data stream i will get from the scanner?
2 ) if i will buy 2D bardcode reader / scanner then i will need to buy SDK also or not ?
3) could you please suggest me less expensive BC 2D reader /scanner ?

I am looking forward to hear from you all soon.

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Re: 2D PDF417 Barcode reading SDK

Postby glitch on Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:55 pm

A barcode scanner will give you a string, which is the data encoded in the barcode. It connects to your computer through one of the interfaces such as USB, Serial Port or Bluetooth. For USB connection, it translates the data into keyboard keys and the active application receives the data. Serial Port/Bluetooth connections require some programming, but you have better control over it (so that your application always receives the data whether it has the focus or not).

If your application scans printed ID cards, barcode scanner is the way to go. And a 2D scanner is not expensive - usually between 200 ~ 500 USD.

You do not need barcode reader SDK to use a scanner.
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