Barcode use in a High School Vocational program

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Barcode use in a High School Vocational program

Postby imaprinter on Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:22 pm

Hi, I am posting here for suggestions and advice regarding the use of barcodes in a High School Career Technical Lab/Class. I teach a Graphic Arts class and here is how I would like to use a code (if something like this exist).

A business card project comes in. The project has 5 cost centers to consider. Intake, Design, Print, Bindery, shipping/billing. I would like to use a NEWLY generated bar code (or QR code) to allow students in my class to scan the code; which would record the start time. After the cost center is complete, and the project is "handed-off" another scan again records the time.

If a spread sheet (or any other type document) can be accessed, it would provide FANTASTIC info to me as a teacher. I can review with student's their time on task, as well as billing.

I just do not know, where to look or how to do it. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion or advice you can share.
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