calculating check digit. formula issue

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calculating check digit. formula issue

Postby harker(Legacy Member) on Thu May 15, 2008 9:10 am


I am obviously not understading the check digit caclulastion for a UPC-13 barcode. or is that EAN-13. Anyway a 13 digit barcode.

I have written something that just makes sure the barcode entered is valid, by chec k the digits against the check digit.

This works with all the barcodes except this one book I have.

the barcode is 9780450022852

now from my understanding if I add the odd digits i get


times by 3

31*3 = 93

add the even digits


the next higher multiple of 10 is 120

120 - 112 = 8

but the barcode check digit is 2

this is for a book as you can see from the 978

This is actually printed on the book and, what's worse, the check digit calculator on this site calcualtes 2 as the check digit, not 8.

Is it actually the nearest multiple rather than the next higher multiple??

please tell my I'm an idiot and have forgotten missed something.



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harker(Legacy Member)

Re: calculating check digit. formula issue

Postby glitch (legacy member) on Thu May 15, 2008 9:11 am

The check digit is the number whihc adds the remainder to 10. So you need a further step: 10-8=2

See explanation here:
glitch (legacy member)

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