Can I get back my software if I lost it?

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Can I get back my software if I lost it?

Postby Ryan S on Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:29 pm

I had some unplesant with another barcode software company - I purchase their software two years ago, and my computer crashed. I tried to contact them to get the software I purchased but was refused. They wanted me to shell out another 100 bucks to purchase their "Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription" to get the file I purchased! I would rather go with another vendor with no such extravagant policy.

I saw that in your support policy that bug fix is free. Does that mean that I always have the access to the most recent version, even that my support plan expired? Can you confirm?
Ryan S

Re: Can I get back my software if I lost it?

Postby glitch on Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:17 pm


I felt your pain, as we also purchase software from time to time. Many companies now require you to subscribe to a support plan in order to receive updates, even some critical security bug fixes. My suggestion is not to just look at the price.You may hit a bug some time down the road and require a fix otherwise the program becomes useless.
If you go with such a vendor, you end up paying multiple times on the same software. Thinking about it, such policy actually encourages companies to release buggy software without thorough testing. Considering this fact, the TCO of such software is much more expensive than the initial price.

At Morovia, we believe that quality matters. Every software we release have versions that can be tracked back. You can check release notes to find out the actual bug fixes. We do not charge minor software updates and bug fixes, as we consider that it is our fault and customers should not pay for them. The full text of support policy is found here. Some fixes address issues that we are unable to control, such as Operating system and third party workarounds. Yet unless this is a major version release, you do not need to pay for it.

At Morovia, you do not need to purchase a support plan to receive the most recent version. And you can always get it as long as the product version does not EOL.

If the software you purchased does not reach EOL (end of life), you can always download the most recent version from our web site. If you can't find the download link, email us with your order number and we'll happily email you the download link. We strive to maintain the life cycle of a major version to 4~6 years, which we consider sufficient. With active support plan purchased, the life cycle is extended to another two years. Maintaining a support plan brings you many other benefits, such as access to our support engineers. However, it is not required to receive minor updates.
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