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Crystal report Problem

Postby ranganadhkodali(Legacy Member) on Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:46 am

Dear Group Members,

I have a vary big problem with crystal report XI edition, I am unable to find the cause of the problem actually.
I am using Crystal Report XI Developer version to build reports in my development system, which I am, using SQL server 2005 as a backend database and “Un-Typed” Pull model for generate reports, in that my system those are working very good.
For distribute those reports to the other clients, I was prepared one small windows application in .net and I placed one shared directory. Application will show all report files placed under the shared directory by the user selection.
If User selects one report, I am taking the selected report from the shared directory and open with the .net embedded crystal report viewer, while opening I was filling the server login information(By code itself).
Any way application also working very well in my development system, for deploys this application I added crystal report redist package that is came with the visual studio 2008.
When I run the same application, in deployed system, it showing login database dialog with empty database name, and one more thing is that database text box also showing like disable. So even I unable to give database credential with in dialog. I don’t understood what is the cause of the problem?
Almost same problem was happen before 4 months back for some other project, @ that time I rebuild my report with the PUSh model, and it working well. But this case, I don’t have a chance to do like that, because daily I should generate some kind of reports, needs of management. That management staff will check reports from with that my distributed application. For these all things, I can’t rebuild and redistribute my application every time if I add new report. So that I placed one shared folder and, I keep update all changed reports files in that shared folder, my application will show them.
What is the cause of the problem?
Is it problem with connection? Then it should not work with in my development system also
Then it probably problem with the deployment? Then I am able to view the initial report, problem came only when I refresh the data?
If problems with deployment, then how it is works for push type reports, it giving problem for only pull type reports?

Thanks and regards
ranganadh kodali
ranganadhkodali(Legacy Member)

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