Duplicate Report

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Duplicate Report

Postby priyan(Legacy Member) on Mon Feb 13, 2006 1:33 am

Hii All,

I m Using Crystal Report Decisions with C#.net..(Built in report tool)...

some time i debug the .Net (IDE) ...it Automatically create duplicate report...

eg: My report name is "Test ProjectReport.rpt"

Sometime it ll create autogenerated file called "TestProjectReport1.cs" class file and it ll surly Effect to my report...and comes errors..

...some time it ll create "TestProjectReport2.cs".. as well as ....

This is a big issue for me..

*Usage another software : Visual Sourcesafe 6.0 ...

Is it Visual Soursafe problem or Crystal report problem? anyone who Familiar this kind of problem ? Please help me...

What is the solution for this matter??



priyan(Legacy Member)

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