Encode control characters into barcode

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Encode control characters into barcode

Postby glitch (legacy member) on Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:41 am

Encode control characters into barcode

Sometimes it is desirable to encode control characters into barcode. Using this method we could achieve some type of automation. For example, we can image that a machine reads the directions as well as the data from a sheet containing a couple of barcodes and perform the operations accordingly.

To encode a control character, first you need to pick up a symbology. Code39 Extended, Code93 and Code128A can encode all ASCII characters. Second, since control characters are treated as non-printable characters, you can not input them directly in a Windows application. We resolve this issue using two methods:

Extended Characters. control Charcters are mapped to extended characters area which is inputable. You need to look up the character mapping table to find out the mapped out character;
Morovia Input Method allows you conveniently input any ASCII characters by following a special format: a back slash followed by three digit decimal value of the character. For example, if you want to encode the carrige return(CR) character, all you need it to add "\013" into your encoded message. This method works on all Morovia Font Tools.

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