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Postby viceroy(Legacy Member) on Wed Feb 18, 2004 10:44 am

MaxiCode is a fixed-size symbology that is made up of hexagonal modules rows. Its data capacity is smaller than other 2-dimensional
symbologies and it is mainly used in transport industry. MaxiCode symbol consists of primary message and secondary message.

Most linear symbology barcode consists of data and checksum. But their data capacity is limited. MaxiCode is able to encode more data than linear symbologies.
MaxiCode employs reed-solomon algorithm for error detection and error correction purpose.
Depending on the error correction level (Enhanced Error Correction or Standard Error Correction), even if part of the barcode is smeared or missing, it is still possible to decode barcode.

MaxiCode has a couple of differnet encodation modes. Mode 0 and Mode 1 are already obselete. Mode 2 and Mode 3 encode the destination address,
zip code, country code and service class information with enhanced error correction and the rest with standard error correction. The difference
between these 2 modes is that Mode 2 encodes numeric zip code, while Mode 3 encodes alphanumeric postal code.
Mode 4 symbol employs EEC in the primary message and SEC in the secondary message.
Mode 5 symbol uses EEC for the whole symbol.
Mode 6 is used as reader programming.

Morovia MaxiCode Barcode ActiveX is a smart and simple solution for generating MaxiCode barcode. Morovia MaxiCode component is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. It can be embedded into MS Word or Excel.
And it can be integreated into user's application if a valid license is available.
It is easy to create MaxiCode symbol now.
viceroy(Legacy Member)

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