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PDF417 Generator

Postby viceroy(Legacy Member) on Wed Feb 18, 2004 10:11 am

http://www.morovia.com/info/appinfo-lin ... id=MFT-PDF

PDF417 is widely used in applications and it can be scanned by both linear scanners and rastering laser scanners.

PDF417 has 3 different data compactioin modes : Text Compaction, Byte Compaction and Numeric Compaction. They are designed to compact data into
codewords efficiently. PDF417 Encoder switches between different compaction modes automatically to compact data into shortest result so as to save space.

Most linear symbology barcode consists of data and checksum. But their data capacity is limited. PDF417 is a high capacity two-dimensional symbology.
PDF417 is able to encode more than 1000 alpha-numeric characters with a stack of module rows. PDF417 employs reed-solomon algorithm for error detection
and error correction purpose. Depending on the error correction level, even if part of the barcode is smeared or missing, it is still possible to decode barcode.

Because PDF417 is able to encode large quantities of data, a human readable is not practical. A comment would accompany the barcode.

Morovia PDF417 Barcode Font is a smart and simple solution for generating PDF417 barcode. Morovia PDF417 Barcode Font package consists of both true type font
,PDF417 encoder and Visual Basic source code. PDF417 Encoder is able to create codewords from input data. Just copy and paste to MS Word, printing PDF417 is as easy as pressing buttons.
With Morovia PDF417 source code, it is easy to integreate barcode printing feature with user's database. A Word Mail Merge sample shows how to combine with MS Excel data source.
And it is easy to transfer to other database.

PDF417 has some variations. Truncated PDF417 is mainly used in office environment where barcode damage might be very unlikely. It is as simple as clicking a checkbox on PDF417 encoder.
Macro PDF417 is another variation. It is able to encode files too large to be represented by a single PDF417 barcode. Some control information is encoded into the MacroPDF417 symbol. So, decoder
is able to reconstruct the whole file by concatenating symbols in sequence independent of symbol decoding order.

Micro PDF417 is another solution for encoding large files. MicroPDF417 symbol contains control block for structured append. The control block is consisted of index and File ID information.
Decoder is able to reconstruct the whole file by concatenating symbols in sequence independent of symbol decoding order.

http://www.morovia.com/info/appinfo-lin ... id=MFT-PDF
viceroy(Legacy Member)

Re: PDF417 Generator

Postby Guest on Wed Feb 25, 2004 8:40 pm

Note that you can now test drive online:


Our PDF417 encoder is not an image creator, as some other products in the market. The output are simply an array of strings, which become a PDF417 barcode after formatted with Morovia PDF417 fonts.

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