Printing of 16-digit barcode

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Printing of 16-digit barcode

Postby peterL(Legacy Member) on Mon Jul 28, 2003 12:39 am


I am looking for a barcode font that can be integrating to my company's proprietary software. The software is written using FoxPro and running in windows. The 16-digit barcode will be printed using a dot-matrix printer.

Previously, the old software used was running on DOS and the Barcoding software used was from 'Barres'. The barcode font was UPC but the number of digits then was only 12 digits. We use a dot-matrix to print and the scanning was alright.

I hope you can help. Thank you

Peter Liong
peterL(Legacy Member)

Re: Printing of 16-digit barcode

Postby glitch (legacy member) on Mon Jul 28, 2003 9:47 am


We make custom font for our customers from time to time and price is very competitive. Please send you inquiry to our sales team With your inquiry please attach a printout of these 16 characters. You can do this by printing these characters at high size(i.e. 72 points) and scaning them into JPGs or PDF file.

If you have troubling doing this, please let me know.

glitch (legacy member)

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