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Postby ivoke01(Legacy Member) on Thu Mar 11, 2004 12:08 pm

Wich barcodefont do i need to use to create an sscc18 in this format:


and how do I apply it?

* this is how I calculate the checkdigit in VB

<<<< Generate MOD 10 check digit >>>>
Factor = 3
weightedTotal = 0
StringLength = Len(sscc18)
For i = StringLength To 1 Step -1
'Get the value of each number starting at the end
CurrentCharNum = Mid(sscc18, i, 1)
'multiply by the weighting factor which is 3,1,3,1...
'and add the sum together
weightedTotal = weightedTotal + CurrentCharNum * Factor
'change factor for next calculation
Factor = 4 - Factor
Next i
'Find the CheckDigit by finding the smallest number that = a multiple of 10
i = (weightedTotal Mod 10)
If i <> 0 Then
CheckDigit = (10 - i)
CheckDigit = 0
ivoke01(Legacy Member)

Re: SSCC 18

Postby viceroy(Legacy Member) on Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:34 pm

If you do NOT want to display human readable, please choose 'MRV Code128m' font.

If you want human readable to be displayed, you may choose 'MRV Code128cMA' typeface. The trailing letter 'A' means with human readable.

If you want to print barcode with highter aspect ratio, please choose font name ending with 't' or 'xt'.

like 'MRV Code128t' 'MRV Code128xt'
viceroy(Legacy Member)

Re: SSCC 18

Postby KennyZ(Legacy Member) on Fri Jul 30, 2004 8:22 am

How about "CheckDigit = (10 - (weightedTotal Mod 10) ) Mod 10"

Thanks for the help! I really liked the "factor = 4 - factor".

KennyZ(Legacy Member)

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