Text under Code 128 font

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Text under Code 128 font

Postby pvanhouse on Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:28 pm

I'm using the functions MoroviaBarcodeCode128A and MoroviaBarcodeCode128B within Crystal reports to encode data on my report. Unfortunately I don't have a barcode reader that will read the Code 128 fonts and I wonder about extra characters that appear after some of the data. For example:

When I encode the string "10" using Code 128a I get "10Q" on the text portion, and "10R" using Code 128B. It has the same behavior using the "Morovail FontPal tool.

The string "US" comes out as "UST" using Code 128a and "USU" using Code 128B

Am I doing something wrong or is there another function I can use?
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Re: Text under Code 128 font

Postby glitch on Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:41 pm

Code128 requires a check character. If this character happens to have human readable, you will see extra text in the human readable text. It is not avoidable.

If you do not like the extra text, use the non human readable counterpart font. For example, MRV Code128M is the non human readable version of MRV Code128AMA, MRV Code128BMA. You can then add a text box to hold the human readable text.

Another workaround is to format the last three characters using non human readable font, and leave others parts alone. The last character is always in the sequence of: check character + stop character + termination bar.
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