Trunk Issue w/Datamatrix

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Trunk Issue w/Datamatrix

Postby imcelroy on Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:42 am

Using Crystal 11 with a SQL database and trying to create two trunks. Formulas - MoroviaDataMatrixEncode ({V_RPT_250.LAST_NAME}, 1) and MoroviaDataMatrixEncode ({V_RPT_250.FIRST_NAME}, 2). I place the two in one text field on the detail of my report as per the sample provided with the software, but only data from trunk 1 appears in the 2D bar code. If I switch parameter 1 with 2, then the data from the other appears, so the issue is not with the database fields, but getting the trunks together in my bar code. Fontware version is 3.33.
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Re: Trunk Issue w/Datamatrix

Postby glitch on Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:15 am

The "trunking" approach is to work around the Crystal UFL limitations, which impose on string returned to 254 characters. It is not intended to divide data encoded into "trunks". All trunk fields must have the same data encoded (the first parameter).

Since you are working on Crystal 11 (or any Crystal version >=9.0), you can simply create a field with the following definition (Crystal Syntax):

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StringVar DataToEncode := {V_RPT_250.LAST_NAME} + {V_RPT_250.FIRST_NAME} ;
// change it if the value is not big enough.
NumberVar trunks := 10;

StringVar BarcodeString := "";
NumberVar i :=0;
For i := 0 to trunks Step 1 Do
     BarcodeString := BarcodeString + MoroviaDataMatrixEncode(DataToEncode, i);

// Returns the complete string
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