PRB: You Get Error Message "u2lcom.dll is missing" When Viewing Report


When you view a report with barcode UFL functions through Crystal Report Viewer ActiveX, Crystal Reports, or Crystal Reports Web, an error message box pops up with text The Visual Basic UFL that implements this function is missing(or U2LCOM.dll is missing).


There are several possible causes:

  • The u2lcom.dll is not present on the computer. U2lcom.dll is required for all COM-based UFLs. In some installations this DLL is not copied by default. This dll is not a COM dll therefore does not require registration. However, it must reside under the same directory as Crystal Report Engine DLL, crpe32.dll, or under Windows system directory.

  • The COM-based UFL is missing on the computer. If you copy the UFL to another computer, you must register it with the system. Furthermore, if you are calling the 64-bit Crystal Reports runtime, you need 64-bit COM DLL. Not all Morovia products include 64-bit UFLs. See KB1061 for more information.


  • If u2lcom.dll is missing from the system, copy the file from developer machine to the production.

  • Opening an administrator console and register the COM-based UFL. For 64-bit Crystal Reports runtime, locate 64-bit UFLs, or downgrade to 32-bit Crystal Reports runtime, following instructions in KB1061.