Morovia PDF417 Fontware & Writer SDK 4.0 : Release Notes

Oct. 26, 2009

Revision History
Revision 4.1.1May 18, 2010
Revision 4.1.0March 23, 2010
Revision 4.0.0Oct. 26, 2009

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What's New?
3. Installation and Upgrade Notes
3.1. Installation
3.2. Minimum System Requirements
3.3. Version Compatibility

1. Introduction

This document is the release notes for Morovia PDF417 Fontware & Writer SDK 4.1. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking updates or other information that supplements the main documentation.

Morovia PDF417 Fontware & Writer SDK consists of true type and PCL fonts, as well encoder programs to create PDF417 barcodes on Windows platforms.

This package includes the following contents:

  • Four true type fonts targeting laser printers and bar code printers - mrvpdf417n2.ttf, mrvpdf417n3.ttf. mrvpdf417n4.ttf, mrvpdf417n6.ttf.

  • Scalable PCL fonts to be used on PCL-compatible printers.

  • The user manual, which you are reading on.

  • PDF417 Encoder GUI, a GUI program to create barcode strings based on data entered. The program can export barcode images in a variety of formats, such as PNG, EMF, SVG and EPS.

  • A Windows native DLL that allows you to add PDF417 printing to your own application.

  • A Crystal Reports extension DLL that adds PDF417 Code printing functionality to Crystal Reports 9.0 and above.

  • An ActiveX Control that can be inserted into Microsoft Office programs or integrated into your custom application.

  • Examples demonstrating how to add PDF417 printing functionality to your applications in a variety of programming environments, such as Access, VB6, and .Net.

2. What's New?

Version 4.1 is a maintenance release. This release adds one encoder function, PDF417ResultGetBarcodeString2, which simplifies the retrieval of barcode string. Some documentation errors are corrected in this release.

In version 4.1.1, updated on May 18, 2010, corrected a document error on using the software with Crystal Reports (KB10609).

Version 4.0 is the major release of the product. It contains many improvement to the existing software, including:

  • Improved standard compliance. The code for the encoding is completely rewritten and is expected to comply with the most recent update of ISO/IEC 15438 2006 standard.

  • Optional PDF417 features, such as ECI and MacroPDF417, are supported in this release.

  • New font design. We have learned that some software calculates line heights incorrectly and causes gaps between two rows. In this release, fonts are redesigned to work around such problems.

  • Image creating support. This package allows your application create image files directly, with no fonts involved.

  • ActiveX Control. This package includes an ActiveX control that you can insert directly into Microsoft Office programs, such as Word and Excel. You can also use the control in your custom applications.

  • Improved Crystal Reports support. The UFL has now a different interface.

3. Installation and Upgrade Notes

3.1. Installation

Although this version can co-exist with earlier versions of the software, it is recommended that you do not mix them.

This package contains two 64-bit components, the font encoder DLL (MoroviaPDF417FontEncoder4.dll) and Encoder GUI(PDF417FontEncoderGUI_x64.exe. They are only installed on a 64-bit system.

3.2. Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or above

  • A laser printer/Thermal printer

3.3. Version Compatibility

Due to the change of the font design, this release is not compatible with previous releases. You cann't create barcodes using the font from previous version with 4.0 encoder, and vice versa. The programming interface is also changed and programs must be modified to use this new release.