Chapter 9. Using Barcode ActiveX in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer is capable of hosting ActiveX controls. Better yet, it allows ActiveX controls to be deployed with a run time license instead of multiple design-time licenses installed in each machine. At the time of print, the Internet Explorer retrieves the EMF handle from the control and replays the EMF handle on the printer. Since the EMF format is a vector graphics format, there is almost no loss when being rendered on a high-resolution printer. As long as the user has a high resolution printer, the user can select a wide range of X-dimension values.

To achieve the highest possible barcode quality, Morovia Barcode ActiveX uses the resolution of the default printer when calculating the lengths. If your target printer is a 203-dpi thermal printer, or a fax machine, set that printer as default before you do the actual print.


Internet Explorer retrieves the EMF right before the Print Dialog shows up. In order to retain the quality you should not switch to another computer in the Print Dialog. This does not apply if the actual printer has a high resolution.

Internet Explorer 6.0 or above is required for the ActiveX control to be printed correctly.