MICR E-13B Fontware 4.0 : Release Notes

Nov 21, 2007

Revision History
Revision 4.0.0Nov. 21, 2007
Revision 3.0.2Mar. 8, 2005

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What's New?
3. Installation and Upgrade Notes
3.1. Installation
3.2. Minimum System Requirements
3.3. Version Compatibility

1. Introduction

This document is the release notes for Morovia MICR/E-13B Fontware 4.0.0. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking updates or other information that supplements the main documentation.

Morovia MICR/E-13B Fontware consists of true type and Postscript fonts to print MICR E-13B symbols on laser printers.

This package includes the following contents:

  • True type font file of precise design - MRV MICR.

  • Additional 11 fonts for printer calibration.

  • The user manual, which you are reading on.

  • The PCL and Postscript (PFA and PFB) version.


We recommend the use of true type version wherever applicable.

For use on Unix systems, you will likely to pick up either PFA or PFB version. Due to our resource constraints, we are unable to provide support for working with Unix systems. Some of our customers have successfully implemented check printing solutions on Unix with our fonts.

2. What's New?

The fonts included in this package are re-designed, with the consideration of limitations imposed by laser printers. The result is more accurate and predictable, and should pass most strict testing requirement on standard printing environment.

Note that font names are changed in this version. File names are now in lower case. mrvMiCRNoMRV.ttf becomes micr.ttf, and mrvMiCRWithMRV.ttf becomes mrvmicr.ttf.

3. Installation and Upgrade Notes

3.1. Installation

If you have a previous version installed on your computer, we recommend that you remove it first prior to installing this new version.

3.2. Minimum System Requirements

  • A host computer with Windows, OS/X or Linux/Unix operating system.

  • A laser printer with resolution at least 600 dpi.

  • Toner with magnetic ink.

  • Paper made of virgin pulp or check stock

3.3. Version Compatibility

This version is compatible with previous versions. However, if your program hard-coded the font file names, they must be changed accordingly.