Example of the Data File Batch feature

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Example of the Data File Batch feature

Postby BarHead on Sun Jun 28, 2009 2:00 pm


Can someone show me an example of the Data file structure under the new batch print feature.

Thank you
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Re: Example of the Data File Batch feature

Postby glitch on Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:48 pm

http://www.barcodeschool.com/2009/03/ho ... om-a-file/

Basically, Barcode Creator can read a .csv file and print the barcode one by one laid out in a label paper. Lines in a .csv file looks like this:

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1003434323214, 0-20-ABC-2004, Washer
1003434323216, 0-20-EFG-2007, Washer

Fields are separate by comma, and each line is a record. A .csv file can optionally have a header line which defines the names of fields. It must appear at line #1.

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Serial, Model, ProductName

If you have a header line, you can refer a column using its column name. For example, "Serial" is the name of the first field.

Barcode Creator asks you to supply two pieces of information:

  • data file path - this is the path of the .csv file
  • Column - name of field (if header line is present), or cardinal of the field (in the example above, you can also enter 1 for Serial field.
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