Barcode & Business Fonts

Self-Checking Barcode Fonts

upc-a, upc-e, ean-13, ean-8, code39, code128, postnet and GS1 databar

Self-checking fonts offer easy integration with many applications without the requirement of check digit calculations. Easy implementation is accomplished by appending an asterisk before and after the data encoded to create a complete barcode symbol.

  • Code 39 Fonts Code 39 is the first barcode format that encodes alphanumeric characters, including all capital letters, digits and some punctuation symbols. To create a code39 barcode, enclose the text with asterisks and format with our font.
  • Code 39 Extended Fonts can be used to print code 39 as well as extended code 39 symbols. It is easy to use. For most characters you just type them in.
  • Codabar Fonts Codabar encode numbers only with a slightly higher density than Code 39.

Other Linear Barcode Fonts

Other symbologies are more complicated - some require check digit, some encode in a complicated way. They are not expected to enter manually, and you should use the tools that we provided instead - GUI Encoder, a.k.a FontPal, Office Macro, Crystal Reports Formula, COM, DLL and so on. The widely used types are Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey, and GS1 DataBar.

With the help of VBA module, it is trivial to add barcodes to Office documents such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Crystal Reports users can use the UFL formula instead.

Two Dimensional Barcode Fonts

Two dimensional barcodes encode much more data than their linear counterpart. They are also more complicated. To create valid 2D barcodes, tools (encoders) must be used. We provide them in each product package. Typical 2D barcodes includes QR Code, PDF417 and DataMatrix.

2D barcode fonts, such as PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code and MaxicodePDF417 FontsQRCode Fontsdata matrix Fonts

MICR, OCR-A & OCR-B and Farrington 7B Fonts

drawings of micr e13b, ocr-a, ocr-b fonts

OCR-A, OCR-B, MICR E-13B and MICR CMC-7 fonts are most widely used machine readable fonts. When designing your own business or personal checks, you may consider using Morovia SecurePay™ Fonts to increase check security.

Farrington 7B fonts can be used to create credit card images.

  • Morovia MICR E-13B Fonts is use to print the key component in a check - the MICR line. MICR line is required to be present in the checks circumvented in the US and many other countries.
  • OCR Fonts print characters that can be easily read by a optical reader. It is used in government agency, and check design in several European countries.
  • CMC7 Fonts are used in a similar way to MICR E-13B, but in several other countries such as France.
  • Morovia SecurePay™ Fonts allows payee name and check amount printed in a way that they are difficult to forge.
  • Although credit cards are typically created using special impact machines, you will need Farrington 7B Fonts to create marketing images with high resemblance to a real credit card.

PCL Dedicated Fonts

PCL font

All font packages above include true type, postscript and PCL versions, so you only need to pay one price to work on multiple platforms. In addition to those offerings, we provide two dedicated PCL packages: Code39 PCL Scalable Font Pack and PCL Barcodes More. The former contains scalable PCL fonts, which can be used just like true type fonts on PCL compatible printers. PCL Barcodes & More is compatible with legacy HP package under the same name, except that they are offered in soft fonts instead of hardware cartridge.