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U.S. Postal Fonts

US postnet fonts

Morovia U.S. Postal Fontware is all you need to print envelopes of business mails. The package includes POSTNET, PLANET, Code128 and Postal Symbol fonts which are based on U.S. Postal Service standards. True type, Postscript type 1 for Windows and Macintosh platforms are included in one package and HP PCL versions will be provided upon request - i.e. you can print barcodes from any computers with this package.

In addition to the fonts in a variety of formats, Morovia US Postal Fontware also includes complete documentation, samples, macros and plug-ins to support application integration. You can print POSTNET, PLANET, USPS EAN128 barcodes as well as special punctuation symbols with one package.

Package Contents

The whole package contains 5 fonts in true type and PostScript type 1 formats (Windows and Macintosh versions). We also provide PCL fonts upon request. The fonts are made with top quality and follows Morovia Font Naming convention. Complete documentation, samples and a collection of source code and utilities packaged to assist application integration, termed as Morovia Font Tools are also included in the package.

US Postal Font FILES
Font NameUsage
MRV PostnetWhen printed at point size 12, the font generates standard POSTNET barcodes used to encode address information.
MRV PlanetWhen printed at point size 12, the font generates standard Planet barcodes used to encode address information.
MRV Post128When printed at point size 12, this font generates Code128 barcode which has a height of 0.75" and X dimension of 0.013" which meets the USPS requirement.
MRV Code128AThis font is provided so you can visually examine the contents of the Code128 barcode generated. You should not use it in the production.
MRV PostSymbolsThis font contains special characters to assist customer design their USPS-compliant envelops. For details read the section below.

U.S. Postal Symbols

To facilitate the envelope design, we include several special punctuation symbols within the font, MRV PostSymbols. These symbols include four FIM bars which is used to indicate the mail service type such as Business Reply Mail (BRM) and Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM), "place stamp here" box and "no postage necessary if mailed in the United States" box etc.

FIM Bars

In MRV PostSymbols font, character A, B, C and D are mapped to four types of FIM bars indicate the mail service type.

CharacterFIM TypeFont SizeOutput
ACRM with pre-printed Postnet barcode32 pointsFIM type A
BBRM without pre-printed Postnet barcode32 pointsFIM type B
CBRM with pre-printed Postnet barcode32 pointsFIM type C
Dmail without Postnet barcode32 pointsFIM type D

Mail Symbols

The following symbols are also included to facilitate the envelope design:

E (48 points)No postage necessary in the United StatesF (48 points)Place stamp hereG (48 points)empty stamp box
H (48 points)Business Reply MailI (96 points)BRM BarsJ (96 points)Mail bars

Special character Mapping

The start/stop characters (frame bar) are mapped to left and right brackets [ and ].

Font Tools

To assist our customers to integrate intereleaved 2 of 5 barcode font with their applications such as Microsoft Office and web, we we provide free tool Morovia FontPal, and encoder source code in Visual Basic, C/C++, JavaScript, Crystal Reports UFL, Crystal Reports Formula and etc. To find out more details click here.

To learn how to add interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes to Crystal Reports, visit KB10023: Adding Linear Barcodes In Crystal Reports Using UFL.