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SecurePay™ Security Fonts

Morovia SecurePay™ Fontware contains sixteen different fonts for printing checks. Each font consists of characters for printing amount, payee names and currency symbols such as dollar, cent, British pound, Japanese yen and euro. To facilitate the check design, two special symbols, symbol: pay the order of and symbol: security features are included.are also included in every SecurePay font. Morovia SecurePay™ Fontware is a nice-to-own add on to Morovia MICR E-13B Fonts and MICR CMC-7 Font package.

This package includes a word template for designing checks. (Note: you need both Morovia MICR/E-13B fonts and SecurePay fonts installed on your machine to view this template file).

Special Symbols

Currency symbols: Morovia SecurePay Fontware supports dollar($), cent, British pound, Japanese Yen and euro. They are mapped to $, c, l, y and e respectively.

US Check symbols: Two US check symbols are included in every font file: symbol: pay the order of symbol and security features symbol are included.. They are mapped to lower case p and lower case s respectively.

Enclosure Symbols: You can use three types of brackets [, ], <, >, ( and ) to enclose the convenience amount or payee names. They generate different enclosure shapes.

Padding Symbols: There are two padding symbols: Due to the operating system requirement, the SPACE is mapped to blank space. To separate two characters, do not type SPACE, use equal sign(=) instead. Another padding symbol is the right arrow which can be generated by typing dash(-) character.

Package Contents

Morovia SecurePay™ Fontware contains the following 18 fonts in a variety of formats. Currency symbols and other special symbols are included in every font.

SeucrePay Font FILES
Font NameSample - Convenience AmountSample - Payee Name
MRV SecurePay1security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay1Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay2security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay2Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay3security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay3Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay4security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay4Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay5security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay5Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay6security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay6Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay7security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay7Asecurity fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay8security fontsecurity font
MRV SecurePay8Asecurity fontsecurity font