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Morovia PCL Bar codes & More 1.5

Morovia PCL Barcodes & More was conceived to provide a soft font solution that allows customers whose applications are based on the original HP PCL Barcodes & More cartridge to upgrade their printers without interruption of the operation. HP used to sell a cartridge font-based barcode solution called Bar codes & More™. The cartridge contains several PCL bitmap fonts to print barcodes such as Code 3 of 9, UPC and US Zip barcode. New printer models no longer carry this package. This leaves many customers in dilemma: they have to either rewrite their applications at the time of a printer upgrade, or keep the old slow printer.

Considering the demands for a compatible solution so that the original programs can continue to function without interruption or invest heavy cost rewriting the code, Morovia has developed a soft-font based solution. The fonts have the identical characteristics as the HP package, yet they are independently developed by Morovia and Morovia holds the Intellectual Property rights to the product. After the soft fonts are downloaded and made permanent in your printer, your application continues to operate as if the original HP cartridge is still in place.

To enjoy the benefits you must have a PCL-compatible printer. Most LaserJet printers manufacturered by HP meet the requirements, and many others also have the PCL interpreator built in. If you are not sure about the compatibility of your printer model, check with the manufacturer.

Although early printers have the PCL interpreter built-in the printer hardware, nowadays some inexpensive models place the PCL interpretor on the host side (often called host-based PCL interpretor). You can not send PCL commands to these printers directly via LPR command.

The soft fonts included in version 1.5 are all 600-dpi bitmap fonts. Consequently the printer must have at least 600 dpi resolution to use these fonts. They are "bitmap" fonts - each character is described with an array of pixels instead of vector drawings. Therefore, they only print the size designated and can not be scaled.

The Font Kit comprises the following soft fonts:

Font file nameFont characteristics
mrvcode39_8pitch.sfpCode 3 of 9, 8.11 pitch, 600 dpi
mrvcode39_4pitch.sfpCode 3 of 9, 4.69 pitch, 600 dpi
mrvupc_10mil.sfpUPC, 10 mils in X dimension
mrvupc_13mil.sfpUPC, 13 mils in X dimension
mrvpostnet.sfpUS POSTNET address barcode
mrvocra.sfpOCR-A, 12 points, 600 dpi, 10 pitch
mrvocrb.sfpOCR-B, 12 points, 600 dpi, 10 pitch

License Terms

PCL Bar codes & More™ package is licensed based on the number of printers and the computers connecting to the printers. Each license allows 1 printer and 10 computers using the font. For example, if your working environment has two printers installed with our PCL fonts and there are 30 computers are using these printers, you will need to purchase 30/10 = 3 licenses. The evaluation fonts are provided for sole evaluation purpose, for up to 30 days. You agree that you will not decompile reverse-engineer or convert the fonts into other digital formats.