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What's the process for online ordering?

First, follow the order link. Read the product description, then choose the license option and fill the “License To” field. If you do not know what “License To” means, read the next question. The second page asks you to fill the address information, and the third page asks for the credit card information. Click submit. If there is a typing error or fraud detected, the field in error is displayed in red. Correct it and submit again. If everything is correct, you will receive an email containing the download URL and registration information. Print the email as your receipt. Download the product and install it. That is all.

Here comes one important part: your email address. Because all the communication is based on email, make sure that you typed correct email address and your email server does not blocks emails from Morovia.com. If you do not receive any email in one hour, call us or send an inquiry to sales@morovia.com.

What is the “License To” field?

The license to field is designed for these people who order the software for others or for the company. The “License To” field is an important field and used to generate registration code. If you are ordering the software for your employer, you may fill the field with your employer’s name.

Is my credit card information secure?

All online credit card sales are secured by SSL technology, the most secure encryption technology currently available for electronic transactions. Morovia web store uses the same credit card networks that retail stores use when you make a credit card purchase in person.

As a proactive measure, We do not store credit card numbers in the server. The credit card number is erased when credit authorization is completed. Even in the extreme case that our server is hacked (which never happened in the past nine years of staying in business), the hacker won't be able to locate your credit card number.

Can I Download my Software Immediately?

All software sold by us are available immediately for download after the transaction is completed. If you order through web store using a credit card, you can download the software right after credit authorization succeeded.

If you ordered through our partner, the delivery time may vary.

Where do I obtain an invoice for the transaction?

If you order through Morovia Web Store, you can print the order confirmation as your invoice. If this does not satisfy your accounting department, write to orders@morovia.com to request invoice in PDF format. We can also mail hard copy invoice to you if required.

If you are ordering from our partners, request the invoice from them instead as they are the retailer in those cases.

I am not comfortable with passing credit card information over the Internet. What are my other choices?

If you are not comfortable with passing credit card information over the Internet, you may (a) fill the order form and email/fax to us; or (b) fill the order information online and call us to pass the credit card information. Our business hours are 9AM to 5PM EDT. To ensure that we receive the correct information on file, please fill the order information first before calling us.

We alo accept checks and wire transfer. Email us for our bank information if you want to pay through bank transfer.

The credit card transaction was declined. How can that happen?

Your credit card number may be reported from our payment gateway to have fraudulent activities in the past. In addition, we also keep a list of past customers who made fraudulent purchases based on our own assessment. To ensure that you can always order merchandises online at the lowest cost and in a timely manner, we recommend that you always contact the merchant first when a dispute arises. We have toll-free numbers accessible in business hours and we answer all email inquiries within 12 hours.

If you arrived at the last page and the credit authorization failed, your bank may have blocked Internet transactions. Multiple attempts will not solve the issue. Call you bank and ask them to unblock transaction from Morovia and try again.

As the last resort, you may try to order with another credit card, or you can send a check/money order to us.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Our office is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. As a result, we charge GST (HST in some provinces) on purchases by all Canadian customers. We do not charge any tax if you reside in other states/countries.

If you buy from our resellers, they may have different rules on the sale tax depending on their locations.

How long does it take to get the CD-ROM?

The regular shipping takes 5 to 10 business days to arrive for US and Canada customers. Overseas shipping takes even longer. Canada postal office is our primary carrier and you can look up the timeframe at http://www.canadapost.com. For customers outside Canada, please be aware that the delivery charges do not include local duties and taxes. The recipient will be responsible for these charges that are customarily collected at time of delivery.

How do I Choose the license type

We offer many licnese types curtailed for customers' needs. You might want to read the license agreement of each proudct category. For your conveninence, three basic license types are:

Single User
Licensed to use the software on a single computer.
Corporate License
Licensed to use the software on all computers within the same organization.
Developer License
Licensed to develop custom software with our components bundled, with restrictions.

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