Code 39 Full ASCII Fonts CD-ROM

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Code 39 (Full ASCII) Fonts

Morovia Code39 (Full ASCII) Fontware allows you to print Code 39 extended barcode symbols as well as Code 39 symbols from any computer systems. True type, Type 1 for Windows and Macintosh platforms are included in one package and HP PCL versions will be provided upon request - i.e. you can print barcodes from any computers with this package.

In addition to the fonts in a variety of formats, Morovia Code39 (Full ASCII) Fontware also include complete documentation, samples, macros and plug-ins to support application integration. Morovia Code39 (Full ASCII) Fontware includes 10 different versions of font which allow you print any sizes of barcode fit to your application.

Note: Code 39 extended symbol does not tell whether it is Code 39 or Code 39 extended. To scan the symbol properly you need to enable Code 39 extended scanning feature. (Consult vendor's manual for details). If you limit the characters to Code 39 character set, the symbol is compatible with Code 39 - i.e., you can use this font package to print normal Code 39 symbols.

The whole package contains 10 different versions of Code39 extended barcode fonts in true type, PostScript type 1 formats (Windows and Macintosh versions) and PCL formats. The fonts are made with top quality and follows Morovia Font Naming convention. Complete documentation, samples and a collection of source code and utilities packaged to assist application integration, termed as Morovia Font Tools are also included in the package.

Code39 Extended Font FILES
Font NameHeight (at point size 12)text option
MRV Code39ExtXS1/8 inchNo
MRV Code39ExtS1/4 inchNo
MRV Code39ExtM1/2 inchNo
MRV Code39ExtT3/4 inchNo
MRV Code39ExtXT1 inchNo
MRV Code39ExtXTA1 inchYes
MRV Code39ExtTA3/4 inchYes
MRV Code39ExtMA1/2 inchYes
MRV Code39ExtSA1/4 inchYes
MRV Code39ExtXSA1/8 inchYes

Font Specification

Point SizeX Dim (mils)CPIHeight (XS)Height (S)Height (M)Height (T)Height (TA)
  • The measure unit for font height is inch (1 inch = 2.54cm).
  • CPI - Characters Per Inch. When calculating the actual length, you need count the two start/stop characters.
  • The height refers to the actual bar height, not the height of the font when rasterized. The font is scaled both in horizontally and vertically, to calculate the size under a different point size, use formula: (size_at_12_pt)*actual_point_size/12.

Special Character Mapping

We recommend you use Morovia Font Helper to retrieve the font string. For these who need integrate Morovia font into a variety of applications, we provide free source code in most commonly used languages, include Visual Basic, C/c++ and JavaScript.

Most printable characters are mapped to themselves except brackets([ and ]) and asterisk(*). They are mapped to start and stop characters. Non-printable characters (control characters) are mapped to character range of 0xC0-0xE0. By programming correctly you can enable applications to act based on barcode input.

Font Tools

To assist customers to integrate Morovia font products with their applications such as Microsoft Office and web, we provide free tools including Morovia FontPal, Morovia Fontpal Web Utility, language tools for Visual Basic, C/C++, JavaScript, Crystal Reports UFL, Crystal Reports Formula and so on. See KB10011: Morovia Font Tools Overview for details.