Common QR Code Usage

A common use is to include a QR code in the direct mail piece so that recipients can link to a landing page (generic or personalized) and find out more info or respond to an invite or sign up for an offer. Generic brochures, pamphlets, and newsletters can include a QR code that links visitors to a web page containing video testimonials, FAQ, directions, quick stats, etc. Placing a QR code on a T-shirt, coffee mug, or other promotional giveaways to make them stand out from the typical premium and ad a unique method for people to learn more about your organization.

QR Code is a matrix two-dimensional code developed by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The “QR” is derived from “Quick Response”, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. QR Codes are common in Japan, where they are currently the most popular type of two dimensional codes. It has gained popularity in mobile industry.

How to generate the code

You can use Free online QR Code Maker to create QR Codes.

Common Use in Mobile Industry

QRCode can encode many types of information: web site URLs, phone number, SMS, geolocation and contact info.

Web site URL

The most common application of qrcodes is to encode the text of URL such as To do so, enter exactly the text of the URL: Make sure that the protocol prefix http:// is entered at the beginning.

A mobile reader should open the URL in the browser's location box upon scanning the barcode.

E-mail address

Use format like to encode an email address into the barcode.

A mobile reader should start email client to compose a blank message to the given address.

NTT Docomo defines format MATMSG Docomo: E-mail Synchronization to add subject and message. For example, encoding the following into a barcode and upon scanning, a mobile reader will open email client with recipient email address, subject and message body filled out -;SUB:QRCode Generator;BODY:you guys are doing a great job!;;.

Telephone Number

Telephone number URI starts with tel:, followed by digits understood as a telephone number. For example, tel:+19057520226 while +1 is the long distance prefix and country code for Canada.

A mobile reader should start the dialer application with the number prefilled. For privacy reason it should ask permission before dialing the actual number.


A SMS URI starts with "sms:", followed by the telephone number, is a way similar to email address. For example sms:9052091223.

Geographic information

A geo URI may be used to encode a point on the earth, including latitude. For example, to encode the Morovia's office, which is at 43.838613 degree North latitude, 79.330831 degree West longitude, at a point 120 meters above the office, one would encode geo:43.838613,-79.330831,120.

A mobile reader may open a map application to this location and zoom accordingly. If a map application is not present, it might open an online map application using its browser.

Contact Information

There are several formats in circulation, such as BIZCARD and vCard. However, the most recognized format is MECARD, first published by NTT Docomo. The widely accepted PC format vCard is difficult to encode into small barcode.

For example, to encode the name Mike Sean, address PO Box 390, Alhambra, CA 90030, phone number (408) 234-1234, email, enter

MECARD:N:Sean,Mike;ADR:PO Box 390, Alhambra, CA 90030;TEL:+14082341234;;;


The table below summarizes the common formats used:

Common usage of QR Code
Website URLhttp://
Facebook Likehttp://
Twitter Followhttp://
Phone Numberstel:tel:+19052091336
Text (SMS)sms:sms:9052091306
Geo Addressgeo:geo:43.838613,-79.330831,120
Contact Info in MECARD formatMECARD:MECARD:N:Sean,Mike;ADR:PO Box 390, Alhambra, CA 90030;TEL:+14082341234;;;

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