Barcode & Image wedding

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Barcode & Image wedding

Postby didivy(Legacy Member) on Wed Mar 03, 2004 5:45 am


Is there software available that allows me to build a virtual shopping site database and then use 'this logic' to fast-track the time consuming method of manually recording inventory for an online shopping site !?

1. From the database, select an item, (say, 50 packaged lightbulbs), place them on a virtual shelf/shelves.
2. Scan the 50 (packaged lightbulbs) to record their barcode.
3. Photograph the 50 (packaged lightbulbs) and upload to computer from camera by date or number).
4. Insert the image 50 (packaged lightbulbs - by date or number), details into the software.
5. Marry the recorded barcode and the 50 (packaged lightbulbs - by date or number), together so they now represent themselves on a virtual shelf/shelves.
6. The last process of images being to optimise them, (batch photoshop).

A customer then visits the site and navigates to the shelf of (light bulbs) and purchases.

This 'barcode logic' would save heaps of time as you have to copy/paste the barcode into the image (change the name of image). I'm sure some companies must use this 'logic' to get their large inventory and images online.

Anything around the worldwide web ??

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