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Crystal Report Problems

Postby stato78(Legacy Member) on Fri Jan 06, 2006 1:34 pm


I'm having several problems with the Morovia 2D bar code. I'm using Visual Studio 2003 with Crystal Reports 8.5. I have text field in a Crystal Report with just one formula field in it. I'm just using one because I want to get it working with something simple before I throw all my fields at the bar code. Here is my formula field:

MoroviaPDF417Encode ('1710; LAW; COMPANY; LASTNAME', 1)

I have set the format of that field to "MRV PDF417S"

I have tried to export the bar code to a PDF, but that really makes the bar code look bad. So I decided to use the Crystal Viewer. I was able to get the bar code to display, but it looks terrible. I changed the font to 6 to make the bar code look better. The problem with that is the bar code is really small, but the real problem is the bar code reader very rarely is able to read the bar code that Morovia creates.

My bar code reader, reads my license every time and fast.

If there something I'm doing wrong?

Why will the bar code reader not read the Morovia bar code?

PS - If I create the bar code in the Morovia GUI, the bar code reader reads the bar code, but not from Crystal.

I appreciate any help, Thanks!
stato78(Legacy Member)

Re: Crystal Report Problems

Postby glitch(Legacy Member) on Fri Jan 06, 2006 2:42 pm

1. The PDF export engine of the Crystal Reports assumes the incorrect line height. Do not use the PDF export function.

2. There are a couple of factors affecting barcode readablity: the printer resolution and the module size. I doubt that the point size 6 is too small in your case: here are some suggestions:

(1) Use a bigger point size such as 8, 10 or 12;

(2) Use a taller typeface such as PDF417M and PDF417T. Some PDF417 scanners are not 2D imagers, they read the barcode row by row. Having a bigger module height helps the scanner locate the row.

If you still have problems, write to with the printer model, typeface and the point size you used.
glitch(Legacy Member)

Re: Crystal Report Problems

Postby stato78(Legacy Member) on Wed Jan 18, 2006 5:24 pm

I have discovered where my problem is, but not the solution. When I print a barcode from Crystal Reports View 8.5, it looks bad and does not read very well. If I export the report to MS Word, the bar code looks really bad, but it prints correctly. So is there a setting in the Crystal Viewer I need to change? Or is there some other way to resolve this problem?

stato78(Legacy Member)

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