Ean13 - incorrect result

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Ean13 - incorrect result

Postby Sicox(Legacy Member) on Sun Apr 04, 2004 6:38 pm

I am using fontPal with the following sequence of numbers;

9119882043755 with a resulting barcode of 911982043751

9119882043762 resulting in 911982043768, etc etc

Why is this happening.
Sicox(Legacy Member)

Re: Ean13 - incorrect result

Postby benz(Legacy Member) on Sun Apr 04, 2004 6:52 pm

EAN13 has a total number of 13 digits. The last digit is a check digit based on the digits 1-12. Using Fontpal (and FontTools functions) you just need to input the first 12 digit. Fontpal will calculate the checksum digit and append it at the end of the input. Your calculation is not correct, that is why you saw different results. To learn more about EAN13, you may visit this URL:

benz(Legacy Member)

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