Printing Bar code from Crystal Report

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Printing Bar code from Crystal Report

Postby viceroy(Legacy Member) on Tue Dec 16, 2003 10:18 pm

Crystal Report is the most widely used reporting and analysis software.

Morovia Barcode fontware is fully compatible with Crystal report because a UFL (User Function Library) is contained in the package.

1. Launch Crystal report, click menu View, Field Explorer, then select Formula Fields. Right click to create a new formula, type in MyBarcode and choose OK.

2. Please copy and paste the following into the Formula Editor:
stringVar DataToEncode:={};
stringVar BarcodeStr:=MrvPDF417Barcode2DEncode(DataToEncode);

Now, you can replace with your database field.

3. Drag and drop the formula on your report. Resize it so as to accomodate the barcode.
Don't forget to change its font name to one of Morovia PDF417 true type fonts.

Now, choose Print Preview, you will be able to see barcode appear in your report.
viceroy(Legacy Member)

Re: Printing Bar code from Crystal Report

Postby viceroy(Legacy Member) on Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:45 pm

Morovia Barcode Fontware Formula List

When you edit a formula in Crystal Report 9, click Functions, then Additional Functions, Visual Basic UFLs. You will be able to see all Morovia Barcode Functions provided.

MoroviaBarcodeCode39 encodes code 39 symbology, with no check digit.

MoroviaBarcodeCode39Mod43 encodes code 39 symbology, with mod 43 checksum.



MoroviaBarcodeCode93 encodes code 93 symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeEAN13 encodes ean-13 symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeEAN8 encodes EAN-8 symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeUPCA encodes upc-a symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeUPCE encodes upc-e symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeBookland encodes bookland symbology.

MoroviaBarcodePostnet encodes postnet symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCode128A encodes code 128 (set a) symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCode128B encodes code 128 (set b) symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCode128C encodes code 128 (set c) symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCode128Auto encodes code 128 symbology.





MoroviaBarcodeRoyalMail encodes royal mail symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCodabar encodes codabar symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCode25 encodes code 25 symbology with no checksum.

MoroviaBarcodeCode25Check encodes code 25 symbology with checksum digit.

MoroviaBarcodeITF25 encodes interleaved 25 symbology without checksum.

MoroviaBarcodeITF25Check encodes interleaved 25 with checksum.

MoroviaBarcodeMSIMod10 encodes MSI/Plessey symbology.

MoroviaBarcodeCode11 encodes code 11 symbology.

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