How to Embed Fonts in PDF produced by Reporting Service

when you create PDFs from reporting service, it is recommended to ensure that the barcode fonts are embedded into the PDF created. By embedding the font, the PDF document can be viewed in any computer with a PDF reader. If the font is not embedded, the font must be available on end user's machine in order to view and print the barcode correctly.

To check whether the font is embedded in the PDF document, load the PDF in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Select FileProperties (Ctrl+D), then click on the Fonts tab to view fonts used. At the right side of font name it should have Embedded or Embedded Subset. If you did not see those text beside the font name, the font is not embedded.

If you can not get font embedded, you can fix it by printing the PDF document to a PDF print driver to generate a PDF with font embedded (redistilling).


All our barcode fonts are PDF embeddable, regardless of license type.

Reporting Service 2000 does not support font embedding. Higher versions such as Reporting Service 2005 and 2008, support font embedding with some requirements. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for more information: