How to Manually Install True Type Fonts on Mac OS/X

Since OS X Macintosh made a lot of changes to the operating system, including the fonts support. One of the greatest achievement is that Mac OS/X accepts Windows true type font files directly with no conversion needed. You still need a ZIP utility such as StuffIt expander™, since most of our fonts are packaged in ZIP files.

To Install Font

  1. Download and install StuffIt Expander if you do not have a ZIP utility installed in your system. StuffIt Expander is free and can be downloaded from When download is complete, double click the icon in the desktop to install StuffIt Expander.

  2. Download the Fontware from Morovia web site. Unpack the ZIP by dragging downloaded ZIP into the StuffIt Expander icon. StuffIt generates another folder under which you can find a directory named Macintosh. Double click to open the Macintosh subfolder.

  3. At this stage, do not go to the Macintosh sub folder. Instead, double click the Windows subfolder to open it. All the true type files (Windows version) are found here.

  4. Drag the file you want to install to the Library/Fonts folder.

  5. The font is now ready to use. In some cases a reboot is needed to clear system cache.

To Remove Font

To remove the fonts installed, just drag and file from the System folder to the trash can.