PRB: Fonts Not copied After Installing Full Version Over Trial Version


You are installing the full version without first removing the trial version. The installation goes smoothly without any error messages. However, after the installation you discovered that no fonts are present in the product folder.


The case can happen when the fonts are in use by other application, such as Word or Crystal Reports. It is not reliable to rely upon Windows to tell if the font is in use. In many cases, Windows caches the font and allows the installation to go through. However, the trial version font is removed, but the new version can't be copied.


It is strongly recommended that you explicitly remove the trial version before installing the new version. At minimum, log off and log back to install the full version. In this way the fonts will be properly replaced because the existing font is not cached.

If you run into the problem, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs.

  2. Remove the program just installed.

  3. Examine if any similar programs exist in the system. If so, remove them.

  4. Verify that the directory c:\program files\morovia\productname has been removed. If not, delete the directory. If you can't delete this directory, the font is still cached by Windows. Log off and try again.

  5. Re-run the installer to install the full version.