PRB: Mail Merge Fields Not Printed in Barcode Font


You format the merge field with one of Morovia barcode fonts. The barcode displays correctly at design time. However, when printed, the fields are printed using a different font, causing barcodes printed as plain text.


Microsoft Word may change font when it encountered certain special characters.


You can use \* charformat to force Word to use the font specified on the merge field.

  1. Place the insertion point in the merge field. For example, click into the field similar to the following example:

  2. Press Alt+F9 to view the field code. For example, your merge field should now look similar to the following:

    { MERGEFIELD BarcodeString }
  3. Move the insertion point to the left of the closing (right) brace (}).

  4. Add the Charformat switch so your merge field now looks similar to the following example:

    { MERGEFIELD BarcodeString \* Charformat }

    Note: If the word MERGEFORMAT appears in this field, delete it and replace it with the word Charformat.

  5. Select the first character following the opening field brace.

    For example, select the M within the word MERGEFIELD as in the following example: {MERGEFIELD BarcodeString \* Charformat }

    Make sure that this character is set to the font and font size that you want. If it is not, change it to the font and font size that you want.

  6. Press Alt+F9 to show the result of the field code.

The field does not look any different than it did before, but when you perform the merge, the correct font is used.