PRB: Text Disappeared From Bitmap Images Exported From Barcode Creator


You exported the barcode to one of the bitmap image formats (BMP, GIF, TIF and PNG). The bar code is OK, but the text is not present in the image created. The text is displayed correctly on the screen, and barcode printing is working just fine.


In order to accurately render the barcode image, Monterey Barcode Creator 3.x searches for a printer driver installed in the computer that matches the resolution specified. Once it finds a match, it loads the printer driver and uses the printer driver to rasterize the image.

Unfortunately, not all printer drivers are function as designed, and some printer drivers are badly written. Consequently it brings strange issues.


To work around the problem, you can either rasterize the image under screen resolution, or move the bad driver down to the chain so that a 'good' driver is used instead.

Rasterize Under Screen Resolution

To change the raster resolution, modify the property RasterImageResolution to 96.

If you are creating images for web, it is recommended to use 96 dpi, as it matches screen resolution.

Use a Good Driver

If you know that a printer driver works fine with Barcode Creator, you can move it up to the top in the search chain. In this way, the good driver is called instead of the bad one.

In our test, we did not found this issue on drivers from Microsoft, Adobe and HP. If you have one of these printer drivers, the chance is that it will perform well.

Barcode Creator calls Win32 API EnumeratePrinters to list the printer. It searches the local printer first, then remote printers. Windows sorts the list based on printer name (case insensitive) in descending alphabetical order. Therefore, printer with name HP Color LaserJet 3500 appears on top of Adobe PDF.

Another criteria in selecting the driver is the resolution requested. This is controlled by the property RasterImageResolution. By default it is 300 dpi. Any printer that has a resolution at integral times of 300 dpi is a candidate for the program. For example, the printer Adode PDF has a native resolution of 1200 dpi, it is a candidate because its resolution is compatible with 300.

In order for you to quickly locate a driver that matches your needs, we wrote a small console program called EnumPrinters. It displays all available printer names in the search order, followed by its native resolution.

To download the program, click here.

Move a Good Drive Up In the Chain

Once you located a good driver, the next thing is to move it up in the search chain. Change its name so that it appears on the top (for example, adding a letter Z at the beginning of the name).


Windows caches the search order of the printers. You must reboot the computer to make it effect.


  • Monterey Barcode Creator 3.x