Segments per Row Selection in DataBar Coupon Barcode

The new databar coupon code, introduced by GS1 US, enters into circulation. The code can encode a lot of data, ranging from 25 to 39 digits. However, the printing requirement calls for the barcode to be printed in 2 rows only. The databar specification, on the other side, specifies SegmentPerRow property for databar stacked barcodes. Our software follow this convention.

Our programmer wrote a small program to find out the correlation between number of digits (the data portion) and the SegmentsPerRow. The result is listed below. The table below only lists the value that you should use to print 2-row Databar stacked barcodes. If you want to print 3 or more rows, visit the original paper.

Table 1. SegmentPerRow Selection Table

Data LengthSegmentsPerRow