UFL Error when Both PDF417 Fonts 5 and QR Code Fonts 5 are installed in the same computer


A Crystal Reports with formula calling UFL functions from QR Code fonts 5, or PDF417 fonts 5 works when one of the two products are installed. However, it throws formula error after another product is also installed.


Due to a design flaw, the COM classes that implements the UFL functions are assigned the same CLSID. When the second product is installed, it overwrites the corresponding registry key. Therefore, the UFL functions for the other product point to the wrong DLL, causing UFL missing error.

The fix changed the CLSID of both products. The existing reports will continue to work after the update.


You won't run into issue if you only install one product. However, to have both products coexist in the same computer, upgrade both products to the following versions (or above):

  • PDF417 Fonts & Encoder 5.0.3

  • QRCode Fonts & Encoder 5.3.2

If you still run into "UFL is missing" error after installing both products, check the following registry key:

  • For PDF417 Fonts & Encoder 5, check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\cruflMorovia.PDF417V5\CLSID (folder). The value for "Default" key must be {16B61A30-B622-43A1-B87A-D0E8D10771E9}

  • For QRCode Fonts & Encoder 5, check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\cruflMorovia.QRCode5\CLSID (folder). The value for "Default" key must be {512F91B2-D071-49F7-8BF0-6AB80F45221C}

If the value does not match, uninstall the product and check the existence of the corresponding registry key. Delete the key if it still exists. Then run the installer gain.