Barcode Labeling software

Label printing is now becoming even easier. No expensive hardware to buy. All you need is your computer, a printer and some standard label papers.

SSCC18 label with barcode creator
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When barcode was invented, companies have to buy expensive hardware and software - including thermal printers, label designer, paper rolls in order to create standard compliant labels. Not any more - you can now design your label easily with barcode fonts and components we sell. If you are a small manufacturer or an importer, you can start with our simple program - Monterey Barcode Creator.

The right side serial shipping container label was created by embedding images created by Monterey Barcode Creator in a Word document. This was created based on specification from a retailer. To read more on how you can create such a label, visit this article: Creating Shipping Container Labels with Monterey Barcode Creator.

Monterey Barcode Creator also has build-in label paper database covering over 3,000 label papers. In cases that your label paper is not in the database, you can always add it manually. Furthermore, batch printing is supported which you can print multiple barcodes with text from a data file or a number sequence. We believe that this small program should help your barcode needs, whether you are just starting your business, or have established.

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