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Web Scraping Tool - htmlget

Some web site uses Javascript to put text in some part of the page, in order to pevent web robot to scrape the content. For example, some online retailers write price information using JavaScript. Moreover, in development web sites, occasionally the programmer would like to see the HTML source code of the page *after* Javascript is loaded.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or above


:]... [--method=(get|put|post|head)] [--user-agent=] 
    [--http-proxy=] [--max-wait=]  [--help]


 --header=:                  Request header; can be specified multiple times
 --method=(get|put|post|head)             HTTP method (default:GET)
 --user-agent=                    User Agent string
 --http-proxy=                  HTTP proxy to use (default: none)
 --max-wait=                         Max time to wait for Javascript to complete
                                     URL to scrape
 --help                                   Display this help

Copyright 2013 Morovia Corporation. All right reserved.

The program allows you to specify custom headers, browser user agent string, http proxy and http method (get, put, post and head). You can also specify the maximum time to wait through its --max-wait parameter.


This product is offered as freeware; and no support is offered. If you have questions regarding this program, post it to Morovia Community Forum.