Chapter 1. Package Contents

Morovia MICR/E-13B Fontware consists of true type, Postscript and PCL fonts to print MICR E-13B symbols on laser printers.

This package includes the following contents:

  • True type font file of precise design - MRV MICR.

  • Additional 11 fonts for printer calibration.

  • The user manual, which you are reading on.

  • The PCL and Postscript (PFA and PFB) version.

Note: this package provides the most critical part in a check printing system. However, it does not come up with a complete solution to print checks. Designing and printing your own checks take much more efforts.

All files are packaged in a single zip file. The root directory contains the installer for Windows operating system. Three sub-directories can be found under the root directory: truetype, postscript, and pcl. They contain True Type, Postscript and PCL fonts respectively.


We recommend the use of true type version wherever applicable.

For use on Unix systems, you will likely to pick up either PFA or PFB version. Due to our resource constraints, we are unable to provide support for working with Unix systems. Some of our customers have successfully implemented check printing solutions on Unix with our fonts.

1.1. Font List

This package includes 10 typefaces. Among them, MRV MICR and MICR have the same characteristics, except typeface name. The glyphs in the two fonts are designed to produce precise results that meet the strictest testing requreiment when printed on a laser printer with at least 600 dpi in resolution. Therefore, they should be used by default in any distributed applications.

The following table lists all the true type font files. For other versions, see their own directory listing for details.

Table 1.1. Font List

mrvmicr.ttf[a]MRV MICRnormal MICR font that produces the most accurate MICR strip on most laser printers and check stocks
mrvmicrw.ttfMRV MICRWwider variant
mrvmicrn.ttfMRV MICRNnarrower variant
mrvmicrb.ttfMRV MICRBbolder variant
mrvmicrbw.ttfMRV MICRBWbolder wider variant
mrvmicrbn.ttfMRV MICRBNbolder narrower variant
mrvmicrl.ttfMRV MICRLlighter variant
mrvmicrlw.ttfMRV MICRLWlighter wider variant
mrvmicrln.ttfMRV MICRLNlighter narrower variant
micr.ttf[b]MICRSame as MRV MICR to be used in some accounting package such as Peachtree.

[a] In previous releases, the file is named as mrvMICRWithMRV.ttf.

[b] In previous releases, the file is named as mrvMICRNoMRV.ttf.

1.2. Installing Morovia MICR/E-13B Fontware On Windows

1.2.1. To Install from a CD

  1. Insert the program CD into your CD drive. The setup starts automatically. Or if the auto-run feature isn't enabled on your system, click the Windows Start button and choose the Run command. Type D:\Setup.exe in the dialog box and click the OK button (Note that D represents the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive. If your drive is assigned to a different letter, use it instead of D).

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Your will be prompted to enter the License To/ Registration Code. The License to/ and Registration Code information are found on the back of the CD case.

1.2.2. To Install from direct download

  1. Click the Download link to start the download.

  2. When the browser prompts, do one of the following: A. To run setup immediately, click Open or Run This Program from Its Current Location. B. If you decide to run the setup at a later time, click Save or Save This Program to Disk.

  3. If you choosed Save This Program to Disk in Step 2, locate the file where you saved it, and double click the .zip file to unzip the file.

  4. Locate the .exe file under the root directory of the zip file, double click it to launch setup.

  5. Follow the setup instructions.

  6. Your will be prompted to enter the License To/ Registration Code. The License To/ and Registration Code information can be found in the email we send to you after order completes.

1.3. Installing True Type Fonts on Mac OS/X

Mac OS/X accepts Windows true type font files directly with no conversion needed. You still need a ZIP utility such as StuffIt expander™, because most of our fonts are packaged in ZIP files.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install StuffIt Expander if you do not have a ZIP utility installed in your system. StuffIt Expander is free and can be downloaded from When download is complete, double click the icon in the desktop to install StuffIt Expander.

  2. Download the Fontware from Morovia web site. Unpack the ZIP by dragging downloaded ZIP into the StuffIt Expander icon. StuffIt generates another folder under which you can find a directory named Macintosh. Double click to open the Macintosh subfolder.

  3. Navigate to truetype directory.

  4. Drag and drop the font file mrvMicr.ttf to the Library/Fonts folder.

  5. The font is now ready to use. In some cases, a reboot is required to clear system cache.

Do you know?

This manual is specific to MICR E13B Fonts 4.0.
The current version is 4.0.0.

This Manual is also available in the following format: PDF.