Chapter 4. Licensing

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Barcode ActiveX can be used with two different types of licenses. The design-time license allows end user to create an object directly, in any ActiveX-aware development environments or applications. There are no restrictions on where and how the object is created and used. In most cases, Barcode ActiveX is used in an IDE environment and placed on a windows form. Nevertheless, an object can be created at the background from any programming environment supporting OLE/COM/ActiveX technology, including ActiveX Server Page ( ASP) and Windows Scripting Host ( WSH).

Without a design-time license available on the computer, an application can create the object with a run-time license by passing the license code as a parameter to the creation routine. Many programming environments handle this quietly at the background - they retrieve the license code and embed it as a resource once you insert the Barcode ActiveX control into a dialog or a form. When the whole application runs on another computer, the license code is retrieved and passed to the ActiveX object creation function, again hidden to other portions of the application. In this way Barcode ActiveX can only be used in conjunction with the application, which satisfies our developer license terms.

In case your application creates the object at the background, make sure that you use the IClassFactory2 interface and pass your license name in the license key parameter in the method IClassFactory2::CreateInstanceLic.

4.1. Developer License

A developer license assigns the right to the developer to embed the runt-time license and distribute the DLL with the application, up to 10,000 copies.

When the software is installed with the installer we provided, the Barcode ActiveX DLL is automatically registered with the operating system and the design-time license is installed on the computer. Each developer requires his/her separate developer license.

Developer License does not assign you the right to distribute the software with our installer. The only distributable component is the file - MrvBarCd.dll. Design time licenses, documentation and registry settings are not allowed to distribute. If your application requires design-time licenses on the end user's computer, you must purchase the license on behalf of your customer.

Typically you include the Barcode ActiveX DLL in your application installation package. Because it is a COM object, the Barcode ActiveX must be registered before use. Many installer making software (such as InstallShield) are capable of producing code to register the COM component during the installation. You can also manually register the component by running the following command on end user's computer: [2]

regsvr32 [filename]

Replace filenamewith either MrvBarCd.dll (professional version) or MrvBarLt.dll (lite version).


On Windows XP SP2 and Vista, you may encounter error code 0x80070005 when you try to register the component in the command line, even you are a member of the administrator group. If this is the case, log on using Administrator and try again.

4.2. Single User / Network Server License

If the use requires a design-time license, single user or network license is required. For example, creating barcodes in Microsoft Office programs or creating barcode images through an ASP script requires design-time license. If you are using Barcode ActiveX in a network server environment, you are required to purchase network licenses based on the number of CPUs and the number of concurrent users. For example, if you are running our Barcode ActiveX on a web server serving Internet, you are required to purchase at least one network server license.

End user license grants you the right to create barcode objects with a design-time license. Your program does not need to pass the license key explicitly to the class factory.

The single user / network licenses are for end users to produce results, other than integrating with custom applications.

4.3. How to Find Out the License Type Your Application Uses

Barcode ActiveX provides a convenient way to find out what type of license your application requires to create the object. Invoke the About method at run time of your application. The method pops up the About dialog. The License Information section tells the license type your application uses. When the barcode object is created with a runt-time license, it displays:

Object created with run-time license. No design-time
      license is required to run your application.

The license information section also displays the license name when such information is available.

[2] Local administrator's privilege is required.