Appendix A. Known GS1-128 AIs

Table A.1. List of Known AIs

AINameConstraintShort Name
00SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)n2+n18SSCC
01Global Trade Item Numbern2+n14GTIN
02GTIN of Trade Items Contained in a logistic unitn2+n14CONTENT
10Batch or lot numbern2+an..20BATCH/LOT
11Production date (YYMMDD)n2+n6PROD DATE
12Due date (YYMMDD)n2+n6DUE DATE
13Packaging date (YYMMDD)n2+n6PACK DATE
15Best before date (YYMMDD)n2+n6BEST BEFORE or SELL BY
17Expiration date (YYMMDD)n2+n6USE BY OR EXPIRY
20Product variantn2+n2VARIANT
21Serial numbern2+an..20SERIAL
22Secondary data for specific health industry productsn2+an..29QTY/DATE/BATCH
240Additional product identification assigned by the manufacturern3+an..30ADDITIONAL ID
241Customer part numbern3+an..30CUST. PART NO.
242Made-to-Order Variation Numbern2+n..6Variation Number
250Secondary serial numbern3+an..30SECONDARY SERIAL
251Reference to source entityn3+an..30REF. TO SOURCE
253Global Document Type Identifiern3+n13+n..17DOC. ID
254GLN Extension componentn3+an..20GLN EXTENSION
30Variable countn2+n..8VAR. COUNT
310n-369n(Trade and logistic measurements)n4+n6--
337nKilograms per square metren4+n6KG PER m2
37Count of trade items contained in a logistic unitn2+n..8COUNT
390(n)Amount payable - single monetary arean4+n..15AMOUNT
391(n)Amount payable - with ISO currency coden4+n3+n..15AMOUNT
392(n)Amount payable for a Variable Measure Trade Item - single monetary unitn4+n..15PRICE
393(n)Amount payable for a Variable Measure Trade Item - with ISO currency coden4+n3+n..15PRICE
400Customer's purchase order numbern3+an..30ORDER NUMBER
401Consignment numbern3+an..30CONSIGNMENT
402Shipment Identification Numbern3+n17SHIPMENT NO.
403Routing coden3+an..30ROUTE
410Ship to - deliver to Global Location Numbern3+n13SHIP TO LOC
411Bill to - invoice to Global Location Numbern3+n13BILL TO
412Purchased from Global Location Numbern3+n13PURCHASE FROM
413Ship for - deliver for - forward to Global Location Numbern3+n13SHIP FOR LOC
414Identification of a physical location Global Location Numbern3+n13LOC No
415Global Location Number of the Invoicing Partyn3+n13PAY
420Ship to - deliver to postal code within a single postal authorityn3+an..20SHIP TO POST
421Ship to - deliver to postal code with Three-Digit ISO country coden3+n3+an..9SHIP TO POST
422Country of origin of a trade itemn3+n3ORIGIN
423Country of initial processingn3+n3+n..12COUNTRY - INITIAL PROCESS.
424Country of processingn3+n3COUNTRY - PROCESS.
425Country of disassemblyn3+n3COUNTRY - DISASSEMBLY
426Country covering full process chainn3+n3COUNTRY - FULL PROCESS
7001NATO stock numbern4+n13NSN
7002UN/ECE meat carcasses and cuts classificationn4+an..30MEAT CUT
703(s)Approval number of processor with ISO country coden4+n3+an..27PROCESSOR # s4
7003Expiration Date and Timen4+n10EXPIRY DATE/TIME
8001Roll products - width, length, core diameter, direction, and splicesn4+n14DIMENSIONS
8002Electronic serial identifier for cellular mobile telephonesn4+an..20CMT No
8003Global Returnable Asset Identifiern4+n14+an..16GRAI
8004Global Individual Asset Identifiern4+an..30GIAI
8005Price per unit of measuren4+n6PRICE PER UNIT
8006Identification of the component of a trade itemn4+n14+n2+n2GCTIN
8007International Bank Account Numbern4+an..30IBAN
8008Date and time of productionn4+n8+n..4PROD TIME
8018Global Service Relation Numbern4+n18GSRN
8020Payment Slip Reference Numbern4+an..25REF No
8100GS1-128 Coupon Extended Code - NSC + Offer Coden4+n1+n5-
8101GS1-128 Coupon Extended Code - NSC + Offer Code + end of offer coden4+n1+n5+n4-
8102GS1-128 Coupon Extended Code - NSCn4+n1+n1-
90Information mutually agreed between trading partners (including FACT DIs)n2+an..30INTERNAL
91-99Company internal informationn2+an..30INTERNAL