Chapter 8. Technical Support

Morovia offers a wide variety of support services. To help you save time and money when you encounter a problem, we suggest you try to resolve the problem by following the options below in the order shown.

  • Consult the documentation. The quickest answer to many questions can be found in the Morovia product documentation.

  • Review the tutorial and sample applications. The tutorial steps you through the development process for a typical barcode application. The sample applications provide working code examples in several programming languages. All sample applications are extensively commented.

  • Access Morovia Online. Morovia Online provides a knowledge base which documents the frequently asked questions and a web forum.

    The web address for knowledge base is You can ask question at support forum at

  • Contact Morovia Technical Support Service. The Technical Support service is provided for free up to 180 days after the purchase. Email Morovia support engineers at .


If you purchased your software from our reseller, check to see if they provide support services before contacting Morovia.

Support services and policies are subject to change without notice.