Monterey Barcode Creator 4 User Manual

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July 2021

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. How to Read this manual
2. Get Started
2.1. System Requirements
2.2. Installing Monterey Barcode Creator
2.2.1. To Install Barcode Creator from a CD
2.2.2. To Install Barcode Creator from direct download
2.3. Running Monterey Barcode Creator
2.4. The Workplace
2.4.1. Menu
2.4.2. Toolbar
2.4.3. Dialog
2.4.4. Properties Window
2.5. A Quick Tour
2.5.1. Creating Barcode
2.5.2. Changing Comment
2.5.3. Adjusting Symbol Margins
2.5.4. Saving the File
2.5.5. Printing Barcode Labels
2.5.6. Making the default template
2.6. Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer
3. Menu Commands
3.1. File Menu
3.2. Edit Menu
3.3. View Menu
3.4. Tools Menu
3.5. Window Menu
3.6. Help Menu
4. Toolbars
4.1. Standard Toolbar
4.2. Format Toolbar
4.3. Border Toolbar
5. Printing Barcodes
5.1. Print Dialog
5.2. Batch Printing
5.2.1. Number Sequence
5.2.2. Data File
6. Using Barcode Creator in MS Word, Excel and other programs
6.1. Inserting Drawings into Microsoft Office Prorams
6.2. Understanding OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
6.3. Inserting Object with the Insert Command
6.4. Managing OLE Object Links
7. Barcode Properties Reference
7.1. List of Properties
7.2. BackColor, ForeColor Properties
7.3. BarHeight Property
7.4. BearerBars Property
7.5. BorderColor Property
7.6. BorderStyle Property
7.7. BorderWidth Property
7.8. Code25OptionalCheckDigit Property
7.9. Code39OptionalCheckDigit Property
7.10. Code39StartStopChars Property
7.11. Comment Property
7.12. CommentAlignment Property
7.13. CommentFont Property
7.14. CommentMarginTop, CommentMarginBottom, CommentMarginLeft, CommentMarginRight Properties
7.15. CommentOnTop Property
7.16. Font Property
7.17. I2of5OptionalCheckDigit Property
7.18. Message Property
7.19. NarrowBarWidth Property
7.20. NarrowToWideRatio Property
7.21. QuietZones Property
7.22. RasterImageResolution Property
7.23. Rotation Property
7.24. ShowCheckDigit Property
7.25. ShowComment Property
7.26. ShowHRText Property
7.27. Symbology Property
7.28. SymbolMarginTop, SymbolMarginBottom, SymbolMarginLeft, SymbolMarginRight Properties
7.29. TexAlignment Property
7.30. TextOnTop Property
7.31. UccEanOptionalCheckDigit Property
8. Barcode Technologies
8.1. Introduction
8.2. Code 39
8.3. Code 39 Full ASCII
8.4. Code 39 HIBC
8.5. Codabar
8.6. Code 93
8.7. MSI/Plessey, Code 25 and Code11
8.8. UPC-A,UPC-E and UPC Supplements
8.9. EAN-13, EAN-8 and EAN Supplements
8.10. ISBN/Bookland
8.11. Code 128
8.11.1. How Monterey Barcode Creator Implements Code128
8.11.2. Tilde Codes
8.12. UCC/EAN-128
8.12.1. Introduction
8.12.2. How Monterey Barcode Creator Implements UCC/EAN-128
8.12.3. Auto Check Digit
8.12.4. Input Format
8.12.5. Validation
8.12.6. Non-standard Application
8.13. Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF25)
9. Technical Support
A. Software License Agreement